Biodynamic agriculture – It is not just an ecological way of production

August 25, 2020 0

According to the principles of biodynamic agriculture, man must evolve together with the Earth.

Biodynamic agriculture is not just an ecological way of producing food but a philosophy aimed at sanitizing the soil, the Earth and man.

Long before the concept of “ecology” became widely known, the philosopher Rudolf Steiner came up with the idea of ​​considering the farm as a living organism adapted to local conditions.

His eight lectures in 1924 stimulated many farmers, who these days had noticed the growing degeneration of crops, in order to seek a holistic view of our natural world.

Today there is a network of organizations around the world that certify a Biodynamic cultivation or breeding, which make up Demeter International with uniform and strict specifications.

The producer is open to a holistic view of the natural world, which extends beyond the knowledge of the natural sciences. The moon, the sun and the stars, as well as the special Biodynamic products, release and rejuvenate the forces of life.

In Biodynamic Farms there is no place for chemical and synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. In biodynamic agriculture there is an interaction between soil, animals, plants and planets.

The products have the special characteristics of the farm, their own identity. This is expressed by good taste and excellent organoleptic properties.