Modern cultivation methods and techniques complete the traditional knowledge and upgrade the olives (the microclimate) and products of our region. In particular, our cultivation methods have not only a distinct quality but also an ecological orientation.

In the vineyards of the Dimas family since 2000 we produce grapes «Sultanina» and «Attiki» fresh organic and biodynamic specifications, while we also produce figs of biodynamic agriculture.

All our products are standardized and available in the Greek and European market.

  • Biological Olive Oil
  • Grapes
  • Fresh figs
  • Biological jams
Biological Olive Oil
Biological jams

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The so-called “extra virgin olive oil“ is a natural product, without any interference that may alter its physical characteristics and must be as it comes out of the mill, without treatment and with an acidity below 0.8%.
The organic – biodynamic olive oil of Dimas family olive groves, is certified by Demeter and Dio.
Dorica black

Dorica black

White iron


Olive Varieties

Manaki and Koroneiki


Controlled quantity


From October to mid-November


Maximum acidity 0.6%


Golden green


Strongly fruity, balanced & pleasant taste


Our vineyards produce two types of grapes based on biological and biodynamic standards.

In the main part of our vineyard we grow grapes of the variety «Sultanina» and black «Attica», which are produced from Dimas Family since 2000 and mainly exported to the German market.

Grapes are considered to be one of the most nutritious plant foods with particularly beneficial health ingredients.


The Figs of the Dimas family are biologically and biodynamically cultivated.

The figs are harvested from the beginning of August to the beginning of October, where they are collected daily with great care during their ripening period. The figs are transported to the standardizing facility where they are packaged while at the same time the sorting and the quality control are carried out.

In addition to being beneficial to our body, figs are very tasty and are very pleasant to eat as a fresh fruit. However, they are also used to make jam. They can also be added to various delicacies giving them a special flavor.


Grape and Fig jam

The jam comes from ancient times as it emerged from the need to consume off-season fruits. They are an excellent choice as their main ingredient is fresh fruits that are rich in vitamins and contain low calories.

In August, when the grapes ripen from the Sultanine vineyards, the Dimas family, wanting to offer high quality and nutritional value products, makes organic biodynamic jam, using only 100% ripe organic produce of its own. The treatment has been done by completely natural methods without preservatives in a certified biological laboratory.

Dima estates offer you a unique and special jam, which is also identified as «fruit spread» due to its originality during production.

Our jam is produced in two types, Fig and mixed Grape-Fig, with the exclusive use of our -biological and biodynamic- fruits.

The peculiarity of Dimas jam is that we have replaced the sweeteners and preservatives entirely with grape juice, from organic grapes of our own production that replaces the harmful sugar, as well as organic lemon juice that replaces the preservatives.

So, you can enjoy your favorite jam as a dessert and instead of being burdened with sugar and preservatives, you can offer something important to your body!