Get to know our history and our crops.
Biodynamic and organic products with faith in tradition.

Our family

«Dimas Biological Olive Groves» is a 5 generation family run business that has been involved in olive cultivation, highlighting its enormous environmental importance since the mid-19th century.

The value of olive oil and olive is deeply rooted in the traditional habits of the whole family as their production begins in 1866, by Ioannis Dimas in Elinochori of Corinth.

The Dimas family has over 150 years of olive trees in their estates, which in addition to their historical significance, contribute to the beauty of the landscape, to biodiversity, to the protection of the environment and to the healthy diet of the modern man. The daily aim is to highlight the quality of oil products of Corinth, which is improved, with particular emphasis on cultivation, through the use of environmentally friendly methods.


The history of our biological and biodynamic crops

Ellinochori is a small village situated at an altitude of 280 meters, 15 kms from the Corinthian Gulf. The soil, the climate and the position of the village offer the ideal conditions for olive oil cultivation.

Our olive trees produce olives of variety «Manaki» at 70%, while the remaining 30% consists of minute variety «Koroneiki» and «Patrinia».

In addition to olive trees, the Dimas family has expanded to grow vines and figs. The vineyards produce grapes of the «Sultanina» varieties and black grapes «Attiki».


In 2000 Dimas estates are integrated into the organic control and certification system and since 2013 the cultivation methods are based on the principles of biodynamic cultivation, offering high quality and pure products.

All crops are based on the Community Regulation Reg EC 834/2007 of Organic Agriculture, which prohibits the use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides and is supervised by an agronomist of the Hellenic Organization for the Certification of Organic Products “DIO” (www.dionet.gr), who and certifies the final product.

In addition, they have the certification of the organization “Demeter” (www.demeter.de) which defines the strict standards of biodynamic agriculture with a view to product purity and sustainability.


With faith in tradition

The Dimas family products are pure, top quality, biologically and biodynamically, with faith in tradition and free of pesticides, environmentally friendly and with a low environmental footprint.

Organic olive cultivation is based on methods of rejuvenating the soil of the olive grove, the recycling of by-products and other available organic materials and the reproduction and protection of the environment. This method of olive oil production, apart from producing a high quality olive oil, reduces the contamination with soil, water and air agrochemicals while helping to preserve the diversity of valuable plants and animals.

The result is that this precious olive juice is an “extraordinary” virgin olive oil that retains all of its nutrients and beneficial properties.


Our family tree